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County Commissioners approve second reading of game ordinance


The Gray County Commissioners met Friday morning for a regularly-scheduled meeting. Following the formalities, the Commissioners opened the meeting for public comment, with game room owner Elliott Parks asking questions concerning the recently-passed game room ordinance.

Many of Parks’ questions were confirmed by the Commissioners Court, but Parks did ask if the Commissioners would consider extending the permitted hours of operation through to midnight.

The Commissioners did discuss the possibility later in the meeting, including comment from Gray County Sheriff Michael Ryan.

Ryan noted that he didn’t feel like it would have a major impact should they extend the allowed time to midnight, but the staff would be stretched a little thin with more target opportunities between the game rooms and the bars. 

Commissioner John Mark Baggerman asked if the Court could extend the hours at a later time, to which they would be allowed to amend the ordinance.

Commissioners Logan Hudson and Jeff Haley both expressed a desire to keep the time at 10 p.m. The Commissioners approved the second reading with no change to the allowed hours of operation for the game rooms. County Judge Chris Porter was adamant this is not designed to shut down game rooms.

“It is not my intention to shut down the game rooms,” Porter said. “(It is) just to regulate them as many have opened outside of the city limits of Pampa. These guidelines are pretty black and white.”

The Commissioners also received a presentation from the Gray County 4-H, where students talked about how 4-H helps them with leadership and the success they are enjoying in their chosen subject.

The Commissioners also approved the following items:

• Pay Bills as Approved by the County Auditor

• Accept County Treasurer’s Monthly Report

• Accept County Clerk’s Report

• WDLM Lease Agreement for Rental- This lease agreement is for when an entity would like to rent out the N Bar N room at the White Deer Land Museum.

• Renewing Interlocal Cooperation Contract with the Texas DPS and the Gray County JP Precinct 1 & 3

• Accepting Tax Bids for Delinquent Property

• Accepting Funds from the American Rescue Plan Act

• Resignation from the VSO Ms. Sarah Hollis

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