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Fishing Report on Area Lakes

Lake Meredith: FAIR. Water stained; 63 degrees; 51.20’ low. Black bass are fair on brush with minimal other structures to hold bass on worms, spinners, and some diving baits above 10 feet. Walleye are fair to good trolling mid-lake around 6 feet. Crappie are fair on jigs using the cover and ledges. White bass are slow. Channel catfish are fair fishing stinkbait and cut bait.

Stamford: FAIR. Water stained; 65-69 degrees; 0.08’ low. Black bass are good, staying below 8 feet on bass jigs, crankbaits, and Carolina rigged worms. Crappie are good staying close to marinas and other coves with structures. White bass are fair on points and drops with Alabama rigs. Catfish are fair on live bait, and stinkbait prepped pellets.

Lake Greenbelt: FAIR. Water stained; 62 degrees; 39.64’ low. Black bass are good on spinners, worms, and bass jigs, searching patiently among the bank structures, rocks, and standing plus submerged vegetation. Catfish are fair on live bait lake-wide. Walleye are fair to good turning on when conditions allow around 6-10 feet slow reeling. Sunfish and crappie are fair, biting more in the early evening around most covered structures. White bass are slow.

White River: FAIR. Water murky; 63-67 degrees; 25.04’ low. Drought conditions are still in place. Please check boat ramp access. Largemouth bass are fair working along the dam, not neglecting the shallow structure on worms, crankbait, and spinners. Crappie are fair staying to timber. Walleye are fair working coves and mid-lake where depths could reach at least 8 feet. Catfish are fair on live bait, cut bait, and prepared bait near the Marina.

Alan Henry: FAIR. Water clear 67 degrees; 6.10’ low. Black bass are good with crankbaits, spinners, and worms working the dam and moving as bass are very active, and so are the fisherman this time of year. Crappie are fair with jigs moving to shelter with less open water exposure. Catfish are fair on live bait, cut bait, and stinkbait.

Arrowhead: FAIR. Water stained; 66 degrees; 0.58’ low. Largemouth bass are good to excellent as the warmup has activity buzzing working shallow around 4 feet on topwater and jigs moving deeper to brush and points on worms, crankbait, and spinners in or on the edge of vegetation. White Bass are fair on Alabama Rigs with shelves and brush holding the fish. Crappie are fair on jigs and minnows in hiding spots as feeding is the only reason to be in any open water. Catfish are fair at all depths on cheese bait, stinkbait, and minnows.

Possum Kingdom: FAIR. Water clear; 66 degrees; 0.78’ low. Largemouth bass are good fishing worms, and small crankbaits staying with rocks and vegetative structures. Crappie are fair on jigs using boat docks and shallow structure. White bass are fair on Alabama rigs still working deep around 16-18 feet. Striped bass are slow. Catfish are good on cut bait, live sunfish, and stinkbait.

Information in this fishing report is from Texas Parks and Wildlife, Bitly link:

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